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What I Learned Working With Menscraft

Is it just me or does it seem that a lot of men's issues are overlooked leading some men to become isolated from society and unable to find help. One of our most recent projects was working with a men's charity based in Norwich, UK and it was a very eye opening experience giving a big insight into men's issues.

The film we made was shot over a few days interviewing some of the staff as well as some of the men who take part in the activities provided by the charity. Each person we spoke to had a unique insight into how the charity helps them or others and one thing became abundantly clear. Men need help too.

Throughout the filming days we also captured the activities that Menscraft provide which is wide ranging and you will have to watch the film at the bottom of the page to find out more. It was obvious that some of these men loved coming to the various activities and in the words of one of the interviewees "it gave them purpose".

I've always been quite lucky myself having a good network of family and friends who are quite open with each other as well as being involved in various sports groups. Whilst filming it did give me perspective that not everyone has a similar group of friends or is able to be part of a sports club. What do these men do?

Luckily there are more charities starting to emerge that focus solely on men's issues to help men who are isolated and could do with the company of other men in an environment where they know they won't be judged for being themselves. That is what Menscraft excelled at, seeing men be able to come in and be themselves, have conversations, build a fire in the woods and whittle themselves a spoon.

My hope is that more people are made aware of these charities and if you are reading this and are in the Norwich area and are in need of some male company or perhaps you know someone who is a bit isolated and could do with a new group of friends watch the video below and get in touch with them.

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